Kokopelli Rafting Guides


Our guides here at Kokopelli Rafting are not just river guides. They are a unique and diverse group of individuals (as you will see by their bios below) that when brought together by there passion of the river and the outdoors, but also to create an amazing family!

John Seiner
John has worked the rivers of New Mexico since 1999. He is a Swiftwater Rescue Technician, Wilderness First Responder, CPR/First Aid instructor, and avid outdoorsman. John attended the New Zealand Rafting Association advanced river rescue workshop. Over the past ten years, he has guided hiking, biking, and rafting trips throughout northern New Mexico.
John Seiner
River guide Billy

kokopelli River guide Billy Allen

William (Surf Up Billy) Allen  Billy is the raddest dude on the river! He has been guiding with Kokopelli since the summer of 2010 and works at Ski Santa Fe during the winters. Billy is laid back and can make any boat laugh so hard they forget to paddle. A few of Billy’s favorite things include being on the water and riding great powder.
Jeff Harris
Jeff Harris joined Kokopelli Rafting and Santa Fe Adventure Tours in the high water season of 2005. He is a student at Colorado's Fort Lewis College and spends his free times exploring the mountains and rivers of the southwest.
Jeff Hariss
Kathleen Murphy Kathleen Murphy
Kathleen joined Kokopelli Rafting and Santa Fe Adventure Tours in 2004 and has brought years of experience to our team. Kathleen is a former environmental educator, a long-time Santa Fe, New Mexico resident, and a logistical genius. With current First-Aid and CPR certificates, she's ready for anything.
Justin Bobb
Justin was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is an avid outdoorsman, caver, a geology graduate of Colorado's Ft Lewis University, and a member of the Taos Ski Patrol. Justin is a Swiftwater Rescue Technician and knowledgable river guide. Raft White Rock Canyon with him, and his local knowledge can really enhance your experience.
Justin Bobb
River Raft Guide

Trent River Raft Guide

Trent (Eddy-Yeti) Rhoads

Trent is from California, where he got most of his on water experience surfing and paddling in the ocean. He is a certified WMI Wilderness First Responder and student of nature. An avid skier, Trent spends the winters exploring the back country and is looking forward to paddling as many rivers as he can. In his spare time,Trent likes to practice Free-Running with his four year old son, Rio. If he could only eat one thing for the rest of his life, Trent is pretty sure it would be avocados.

Victoria (Tori) Simmons
Tori has spent time living in Upstate New York and California, and after graduating with a B.A. in Government from Hamilton College in 2009, Tori headed west and joined the Kokopelli team. When she’s not out on the river, Tori can be found in the office making sure our headquarters run like a well oiled machine. She also works with Ski Patrol at Ski Santa Fe in the winter, and is a talented sculptor and stone worker. Some of her most memorable rafting trips include Cataract Canyon, the San Juan River, and the Salmon River, but her favorite trip to guide is the Rio Chama.
kokopelli raft guide
Jake Clemens Jake Clemens
Jake loves water and was a surfing and windsurfing instructor before he began rafting in 2006. He is a professional fly-fishing guide and Emergency Medical Technician. When his beloved water is frozen, Jake works as a patroller at the Santa Fe Ski Area.
Kieran Sullivan
When Kieran began with Kokopelli Rafting in 2007, he took to the water like a Hooded Merganser. Now, he continues to refine his natural abilities on every trip. Kieran also plays the violin.
Kieran Sullivan
Devon Parson Devon Parson
Devon is a banjo-picker and graduate of Fort Lewis College. In 2007, he completed a thru-hike of the Colorado Trail and started guiding at Kokopelli. He loves the mountains...and the rivers that trickle from their summits.
Kelly Bulkley
Kelly loves rafting with her dog, Duke. She also enjoys training and riding horses, taking long hikes in the mountains she loves, and photography. A graduate of Fort Lewis College, Kelly began rafting with Kokopelli in 2007.
Kelley Bulkley
Joshua Lee Joshua Lee
Born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Josh joined our team in 2007. He is a Wilderness First Responder with Swiftwater training. His winters are spent as a ski instructor at the Santa Fe Ski Area. Boating has taken Josh down various southwestern rivers including the Colorado, San Juan, Rio Grande, Rio Chama, Arkansas and Animas.
Keith Mortensen
Keith has been guiding rafts throughout the western states and in Costa Rica since 2003. He has Rescue and IRIA Swiftwater training and is an avid kayaker, mountain biker, and motocross rider. Anything that gets Keith into the wilderness makes him happy.
Keith Mortensen
Randy Lahr Randy Lahr
Randy has been guiding on the Rio Grande and Rio Chama since 1998. He also guides on the class V Upper Gauley River of West Virginia in the fall. When he's not on the water, Randy works as an Emergency Medical Technician.
Avery Young

A graduate of George Washington University, Avery Young is an experienced raft guide as well as an avid skier and hiker. She loves animals, joking around with guests, and a good splash fight on the water. Avery may look little, but she’s one scrappy gal! Her favorite might be the Racecourse on the Rio Grande, but Avery loves the incredible views on the Upper Rio Chama.

Ed Fordham

Ed has been part of the Kokopelli crew since 2009 and while we may only get him for a few days at a time he is well worth the wait. When Ed’s not powering through rapids he works as a professional welder. Another New Mexico native, Ed likes to mountain bike and eat green chile. And he’s hands down the friendliest guy around!