Rafting season is upon us, as we commence our Racecourse trips on April 12 and will begin running trips through the exhilarating class IV Taos Box on April 28. Recent warmth suggests that it should be a fun early season. You should raft early in the season in order to enjoy a biggest waves.

Just 1 hour north, the Rio Grande Racecourse in Pilar, has flows of just over 600 cubic feet per second, which means great family rafting.

The Rio Grande Taos Box (Class IV advanced river section) currently has flows of 450 cubic feet per second. As water levels rise, this becomes an excellent excursion for those looking for a thrill. Book this trip early, as it is only available until late June.

The gorgeous Rio Chama between El Vado and Abiquiu lakes will have normal weekend levels, as water is released from the El Vado Dam on Fridays. This trip is enjoyable for people of all ages, and is truly a wonderful experience through the land and scenery that inspired artist Georgia O’Keefe.

Kokopelli also guides hiking and biking tours in the Santa Fe area. If
you are looking for a guided trip check out Kokopelli Rafting.

We would like you and anyone in management to get a sense of the river and our trip process, so we will offer a complimentary trip for you, plus a guest, on a day we are running a tour. For an adventure on any of these great river sections look us up on the web or call us at 1 800 879 9035. See you on the river!