Alexis De La Jara

Lily F

Wildly good day with Alexis!
Alexis D. of Kokopelli adventures gave us the perfect mix of adrenaline and safety on the racecourse today! We practiced paddling in sync, hitting big rapids (well they felt big to me!), swimming beside the boats, and she even took the time to point out the local sights that each individual asked for (petroglyphs for me, wild animal sightings for a friend, etc).

What a fun, exciting, wholesome way to spend a day on the water. Alexis’s enthusiasm and expertise were obvious and just made it a wildly good day. 10/10 will return for more splashes to the face and laughter echoing across the Rio grande. Thanks Alexis for the great experience.”


Hello, my name is Alexis; this is my first-year river guiding with Kokopelli. My personality is positive and passionate for life and all the adventures that come with it.

On the offseason, I am a full-time biochemistry student at UNM. When I’m not on the river, I enjoy other outdoor hobbies such as climbing, mountain biking, skiing, and backpacking!

Kokopelli Guide: since 2019
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Charity: Red Cross
What I like most about guiding is: The best part about rafting is the chance for me to meet and connect with adventurous, diverse individuals. I love delivering positive, safe, and memorable river trips to all of my guests.
Favorite river-related story: Guide school to this day hold some of the best memories for me. The training was extensive; so many incredible moments happened on and off the river between the other guide school attendees over those eight days. I had an incredible time!
Certifications: Rowing 101, Patience-with-Rafters 102, What-to-Do-when-Raft-Capsizes 103
What are your other hobbies, interests or passions, and why are they important to you? I enjoy rafting, rock climbing, mountain biking, skiing, and backpacking. Each of these passions is equally important in my life. They’re all outlets to fill my soul with joy and happiness. Each extreme sport, in their way, remind me why life is a beautiful journey worth exploring.

Alexis in Action!


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