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Sergei N

Perfect for our large conference in Santa Fe
“I organized a big conference in Santa Fe this past August. We offered a choice of group activities and excursions to the participants. The Kokopelli rafting tour on the Rio Grande was the most sought after choice. Kelly found a way of expanding the number of participants when it became clear that the 50 we had expected was not enough. Excellent service. All the participants enjoyed the tour very very much.


“What an outstanding experience! The rafting experience was beautiful. What a well run company. If you can, get Billy as your guide. Not only do you get a rafting experience, but he is so knowledgeable, history of the area, geology, tourism. He tailored our experience to our interests. l have participated in many experience like this and he made this by far the most Outstanding experience.!”

Michael M

“We had an amazing time!! Eric was very informative and fun, we did something called a rafting rodeo at the end that was super fun!! We had a guy that was terrified and by the end of the trip, he was ready for more!!! He taught us everything we needed to know and made us all feel very safe and took the pressure off so we could enjoy ourselves!! Such a great time, can’t wait to go back and do it again!!!”

Lily F

“Alexis D. of Kokopelli adventures gave us the perfect mix of adrenaline and safety on the racecourse today! We practiced paddling in sync, hitting big rapids (well they felt big to me!), swimming beside the boats, and she even took the time to point out the local sights that each individual asked for (petroglyphs for me, wild animal sightings for a friend, etc).

“What a fun, exciting, wholesome way to spend a day on the water. Alexis’s enthusiasm and expertise were obvious and just made it a wildly good day. 10/10 will return for more splashes to the face and laughter echoing across the Rio grande. Thanks, Alexis for the great experience.”


“Kokopelli is the crew to choose and Miles was the best trainer and guide we could ask for!

“We had three adults and three teens together from out of state who wanted to raft, and we could not have chosen better for this adventure. We were told the river was pushing over 4000 cubic feet of water per second on our RaceCourse half-day run today, which meant the river was high, fast, and at points, pretty challenging, which is smog say, exiting! Miles was relaxed but energetic; he patiently taught and practiced with us, encouraged the “less hard-working” side of our boat and got us working well together. And that was important because the RaceCourse wasn’t tolerating slackers today! The course is gorgeous, with surrounding Sangre de Cristo mountains and bluffs to keep you distracted even when your eyes should be on the river. There were several runs with short breaks (read here: not dull or too long, just small relaxing stretches used for prep for the next rapids).

“There were at least three really exciting periods, including Big Rock (amazing drop!) and the Narrows (longer stretch with good technique needed), where coordination and following directions really matters. Miles kept us having fun but our boat stayed upright, albeit pretty full at times, and we had the time of our lives. Aside from being a great guide, Miles is a great conversationalist, and the whole Kokopelli team seems really in sync with each other and gracious to guests. We will tell our friends, and we will be back!”

Customized Private Tours for your River Rafting Adventure 

Let us create an experience your group will never forget!

Discover why Kokopelli Rafting Adventures is Consistently Rated

Santa Fe’s #1 Outdoor Activity on TripAdvisor

There’s no better way to experience “New Mexico True” than through a customized private adventure through the beautiful rivers and rapids of Northern New Mexico. The sun, the splash, and the surrounding beauty will all add up to an experience your group will never forget.

When you’re looking for something special…magical…out-of-the-ordinary, you want a custom tour with Kokopelli Rafting.

We know the secret to make this magic happen. We do it every day!

We create one-of-a-kind half- and full- day trips (and unforgettable memories) for:

  • National and international tour groups, destination management companies, travel agents, and vacation designers
  • Conference and convention planners,
  • Travel clubs, car & RV clubs,
  • Charter bus trips, Balloon Fiesta enthusiasts,
  • Traveling bands and music festivals, Opera performers, film and movie crews,
  • Business groups…and just about any other group you can think of!

A customized trip with Kokopelli Rafting Adventures is just right for your group if…

→ You’re looking for a packaged deal that doesn’t seem to exist online. We can build a trip to meet your group’s unique interests. We’ll customize your adventure to almost anything that’s safe and legal!

→ You want to do and see something memorable in Santa Fe, Taos, or Albuquerque.

→ Trust is important to you. You want to work with the most reputable and safe company when you’re planning your adventure; don’t just take our word for it — read our reviews!

→ You’re short on time. Only a half-day to spend? Great! We’ve got options.

→ You’re long on time. We can build a custom day trip for a few hours or as long as a few days! What’s your flavor?

A customized day riding the rapids can set a new standard for all future group excursions. But, setting up this adventure can ‘feel’ like an uphill battle…

  • Organizing a group activity everyone will enjoy, can seem impossible
  • Handling the various needs of your group requires extra planning and consideration
  • Everyone wants to feel comfortable and assured that they are in safe, capable, and qualified hands with guides that are professional, respectful and responsible
  • Logistics of travel and anticipating supplies requires extra planning 
  • Finding a trusted company to lead your group activities in Santa Fe, Albuquerque or Taos can be daunting.

PLUS…you may want something, shall we say “different” than your average run-of-the-mill river rafting tour. Something not already packaged…something unique that reflects positively on YOU.

Challenging to find? Yes.

Can Kokopelli deliver? Absolutely.

We do it every day!

We can provide you with the customization options you’re looking for, everything from custom menu options, river-games and team-building modules, special hiking options to historical points-of-interest, and much more!  If it’s safe, legal, and we can provide it for you with excellence…Kokopelli is your company! 

Not only can we customize your adventure like none other, but we pride ourselves on being an industry leader in safety and professionalism. 

Here are some things you should consider before selecting any rafting company.

You should expect…

  • State-of-the-art equipment to ensure safety; old faded life jackets speak volumes about the company’s approach to raft and vehicle maintenance. 
  • Durable whitewater helmets for everyone on whitewater; “high water” or “low water” is no excuse to skimp on safety equipment. 
  • Guides that are knowledgeable, trained to the highest standards and equipped to handle lots of people, with various needs.
  • Flexibility to customize your trip to meet your group’s needs.
  • A flexible cancellation policy. We understand life happens; people get sick or opt-out, or circumstances outside of your control conflict with your well-planned adventure. That’s why we provide you with a transparent, upfront, easy to understand, no fine print,  cancellation policy. We also won’t lock you into a contract months in advance, penalize you for last-minute cancellations, or prohibit you from making substitutions on your trip.  Ask yourself – if a rafting company prohibits you from making substitutions, do they have YOUR best interests in mind?


Vans Warped Tour

For over two decades, Van’s Warped Tour passed through New Mexico. The organizers needed a fun way to break up the long days, fast moves, and non-stop action. They also needed an activity that could handle 100+ stage hands, drivers, and other crew members. With each New Mexico show, Vans Warped Tour chose Kokopelli Rafting Adventures to provide high quality entertainment, team building and


As a title sponsor of the 2018 Computational Linguistics Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the conference planners wanted a fun mid-week off-site break activity and help attendees from around the world get a taste of Northern New Mexico’s outdoor adventure. The planners chose a half-day Private (closed to the public) Racecourse trip with Kokopelli Rafting Adventures based on excellent reviews, commitment to safety, service, professionalism and guaranteed good times on the river. The planners initially estimated 50 participants would sign up. Rafting turned out to be the single most popular activity offered at the conference, with more than 90 final participants. By maintaining open lines of communication, Kokopelli’s Group Sales staff was able to accommodate more than 40 additional paddlers without sacrificing safety or the quality of the experience.

Better World Tours

Better World Tours was hired by a German educational institution to design an experiential education tour across the United States. Knowing that the desert Southwest is unique to most Europeans, BWT wanted to spend extra time in the Four Corners region. BTW contracted with Kokopelli Rafting Adventures because of their background-checked guides, impeccable safety record, and interpretive guide of the unique history and geology of the canyon. A Private (closed to the public) half-day rafting trip was chosen with upgraded meal plan to include a full lunch after the trip. The private trip helped foster the team-building of the group and move at a more natural pace for the groups needs. The results were predictable; everyone was grinning from ear to ear and couldn’t wait to go rafting again!

Kokopelli Rafting Adventures unique approach to leading groups down the river makes these amazing results seem easy, and even predictable.  

Organizing an activity for your group can add a LOT OF PRESSURE to your life. You want to create an experience everyone will thoroughly enjoy. You want to partner with a company that understands all the factors – the risks, the liability, the challenge of meeting individual needs, the importance of safety, and all the many details required to pull the day off without a hitch. We’ve taken all these into consideration and more. You won’t even find a shirtless guide on a Kokopelli Rafting trip because we would never want to make anyone feel uncomfortable and, frankly, it’s just not professional! It is our joy and our objective is to make this day one your group won’t ever forget!  

This unwavering commitment to YOUR SAFETY and YOUR SATISFACTION is why Kokopelli Rafting Adventures is consistently ranked #1 on TripAdvisor in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Taos and beyond. You’ll have an unforgettable experience everyone will rave about for years to come!

We care about your safety:

  • Our guides are trained to exceed US river guide standards (We require 8 days of safety training vs. the 4 days required in New Mexico)
  • We regularly replace our equipment to ensure it exceeds safety standards
  • We require helmets for all participants on whitewater – not just the guide or certain guests; everybody!

We care about your satisfaction:

  • You get to be the hero-organizer that provided your group with a thrilling, memorable experience
  • Enjoy the afternoon, or enjoy several days. We’ll make your dream adventure come true!
  • We’ll take care of all the logistics of your day, making you look even more awesome!

We care that your stated goals are met:

  • Create an adventure that will both challenge, and delight
  • Enjoy learning about the folklore, geological wonders of the Rio Grande and Rio Chama, and history behind the rapid names
  • Do something out-of-the-ordinary and truly memorable

Our goal is to make your custom river rafting adventure the best, safest, easiest, and most rewarding activity you’ll find anywhere in New Mexico!

Let Kokopelli Rafting Adventures help you create the group adventure you’ve ever experienced!

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