Family Reunions

Brian T

Great time on the tube with Kokopelli
“Our group of 27 family members, ranging in age from 7 to 52, had a great time doing the 1/2 day Private Racecourse whitewater rafting trip with Kokopelli. Our guides were knowledgeable, engaging and enthusiastic, they helped us make great memories, as we were in NM for a big celebration and family reunion. Isaac, Billy, Tristan and the other guides were true pros. I highly recommend Kokopelli Rafting!”

Dudley Bayne

I highly recommend Kokopelli Rafting!!
The Rio Grande Racecourse in Pilar, NM with Kokopelli Rafting was a big highlight of our family reunion this past summer (2018.) Our grandson had been when he turned seven. He was most anxious to share the fun he enjoyed with a sister and cousin, both of whom just became seven. No one was disappointed! Huge smiles broke out at the sound of each approaching rapid. Our guides Billy and Wren (we filled two boats) were quite entertaining. But more importantly, they had the confidence and training to make us comfortable with their being in charge of the boats. Kokopelli is a very well run operation. We will not only be back but would recommend them to others looking for an extremely fun diversion in Northern New Mexico and family reunion. Isaac, Billy, Tristan, and the other guides were true pros. I highly recommend Kokopelli Rafting!”

Zita P

Many thanks to our skilled and friendly guides!
“We had a group of 15 friends and family run the Taos Box today, Sat. 06/18/16. It was a beautiful day and we could not have asked for better guides. It was exhilarating and sheer fun to hit those Class IV rapids. We were taught the basic safety and rafting skills and practiced together before we had lunch. After lunch, we were running the big rapids. It was sheer joy! This our second family reunion trip with Kokopelli and both adventures I would highly recommend. Many thanks to our skilled and friendly guides…”

Byron N

The logistics, service, and safety provided were top notch.!
“In early June we used Kokopelli for an overnight trip on the Rio Grande to celebrate a family reunion of six guys from all over the U.S. The logistics, service, and safety provided were top notch . The guides were knowledgeable, friendly and fun. Food service was wonderful. I would definitely use them for our next trip.”


Great time whitewater rafting in Santa Fe!
“Had a great time white water rafting in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our family used Kokopelli Rafting Adventures. Our guides were friendly, detail-oriented, knowledgeable and very patient with us since our group had many questions. 🙂 We will again use Kokopelli Rafting Adventures for our next rafting experience!”


19 on the Rio Grande!
“What a grand time we had as 19 of us ages 4 to 63 floated down the Rio Grande under the guidance of three fabulous guides from Kokopelli – Jimmie, Cha Cha and Tristan. They pointed out hydrology of the river, facts about animals and flora and most importantly watched over our safety as well as our pleasure.!”

Mark A

19 on the Rio Grande!
“This past weekend 19 of us were in Santa Fe for my fathers 90th birthday, my parents 60th wedding anniversary and a family reunion. As part of that reunion, we decided to go whitewater rafting on the Rio Grande with Kokopelli Rafting Adventures. What an amazing time!! Our guides (Avery, Mirek, and Miles) were fantastic! We had a terrific time and I can’t express what a truly wonderful experience we had!
Thanks Kokopelli from the Atkins.”

Looking for a Family Activity Everyone Enjoys for Your Next Family Reunion? 

A seemingly impossible task — made possible 

when you spend a day river rafting in beautiful New Mexico!

Discover why Kokopelli Rafting Adventures is Consistently Rated

Santa Fe’s #1 Outdoor Activity on TripAdvisor

A day riding the rapids is nothing short of exhilarating! The sun, the splash, the endorphins, the laughter, the fresh mountain air, and the surrounding beauty, all add up to an experience your family will never forget. Picture their big grins, infectious laughter, and the family bonding, and the feeling of ‘WE did it!’ It all adds up to a scrapbook-worthy, not-to-be-forgotten, family activity your group will love to relive for years to come!   

We know the secret to making this family magic happen. We do it every day!

Are you looking for a unique family activity in the Albuquerque, Santa Fe, or Taos area that will infuse fun and create lifelong family memories?

A day with Kokopelli Rafting Adventures is just right for your next family reunion,  family gathering, or summer family vacation if…

→ Your big family gathering, or your small family get-together wants to switch up your annual picnic into a truly epic adventure

→ You want to simplify traditional family reunion planning activities!  Let us do the work!  All you do is pick the date and we’ll do the rest, from meal planning and serving to collecting individual payments, even door-to-door transportation in most cases. 

→ You have a major family milestone to commemorate and celebrate (a special anniversary, new marriages, new jobs)

→ You want to show your out-of-town relatives the glories of an afternoon they’ll never forget in New Mexico

→ You’re looking for an activity almost all ages can enjoy

→ You’re looking for something memorable to do in Santa Fe, Taos, or Albuquerque

If you answered “YES!” to any of the above questions, a day with Kokopelli Rafting Adventures is just the experience your family gathering may be missing!  We’ll make planning your family event so easy you’ll wonder why you waited this long.  You can recover HOURS of lost time when you let us do the hard work you’d rather avoid!

We create one-of-a-kind trips (and unforgettable memories) for family reunions of every sort, every size, and for any and every occasion.

For many, a day riding the rapids can set a new standard for all future family gatherings. But getting to that point of squeals of delight and laughter on the water can be challenging.

Providing this memory-building opportunity can ‘feel’ like an uphill battle…

  • Planning a family reunion can seem like it takes more time and effort than it’s worth.  Days (or even weeks) of planning for a few hours of quality time together. Finding the right venue, all the tables and chairs, setup and take-down, and high stress.  It doesn’t leave much time to enjoy this quality time with your family.
  • Organizing a group activity all ages will enjoy can seem impossible; where do you begin?!?
  • Handling the various needs of older and younger participants requires extra planning and consideration
  • Everyone wants to feel comfortable and assured that they are in safe, capable, and qualified hands with guides that are respectful and responsible
  • Logistics of travel and anticipating supplies requires extra planning 
  • Finding a trusted company to lead your family reunion activities in Santa Fe, Albuquerque or Taos can be daunting.

Challenging? Yes.

Impossible? NOT A CHANCE!

Let us show you how it’s done…

Once you decide that a river rafting will be the perfect family activity for your  reunion…the next thing you need to consider is which company you’ll trust to lead you on this adventure. 

You want assurance that the company you select is equipped to handle your group (no matter their size, or their specific needs), without sacrificing quality or exposing you to greater liability. 

With so many factors to consider, price alone can be a misleading comparison. 


Here are some things you should consider before selecting any rafting company.

You should expect…

  • State-of-the-art equipment to ensure safety; old faded life jackets speak volumes about the company’s approach to raft and vehicle maintenance. 
  • Durable whitewater helmets for everyone on whitewater; “high water” or “low water” is no excuse to skimp on safety equipment. 
  • Guides that are knowledgeable, trained to the highest standards and equipped to handle lots of people, with various needs.
  • Flexibility to customize your trip to meet your family’s specific needs.
  • A flexible cancellation policy. We understand life happens; people get sick, family members decide to opt out, or summer vacation plans conflict with your well-planned adventure, that’s why we provide you with a transparent, up front, easy to understand, no fine print,  cancellation policy. We also won’t lock you into a contract months in advance, penalize you for last-minute cancellations, or prohibit you from making substitutions on your trip.


Pacheco Family Reunion

Scientific research reveals that families that get out into nature together tend to function better. 

We also know when you combine purposeful outdoor time with something as valuable as time with loved ones…you’ll doubly reap the rewards.

Time Outdoors

Spending time in nature is good for our bodies and our minds. Outdoor play and exploration helps build confidence, promotes creativity and imagination, teaches responsibility, provide new and exciting stimulation, teaches you how to think outside the box. Plus you’ll experience wonder in the natural world and reduce stress and fatigue.

Time with Family

Family time builds unity, creates deeper family connections, fosters lifelong memories, establishes family traditions, develops a sense of family identity, and preserves a family heritage to pass on to future generations.

Great Food

What kind of family gathering is complete without great food? They go hand-in-hand, and at Kokopelli Rafting Adventures, we even take care of that for you! Half-day trips come with snacks provided, and if you want to upgrade to a private trip, we’ll even provide a full lunch for you and your family! Each trip can be customized to meet your needs and desires.

Time Outdoors + Time with Family + Great food =
The Best Family Reunion EVER! 

Families from all over the world consistently relate how their experience with Kokopelli Rafting Adventures created one of the most memorable experiences of their vacations, reunions, and special outings with their loved ones. A day they’ll never forget!

Custom trips are available to meet your family’s objectives for your day on the river. We’ll customize your course on the river and your course of food to meet your specific needs. Contact us to learn more!

Kokopelli Rafting Adventures unique approach to leading groups down the river makes these amazing results seem easy, and even predictable.  

Organizing an activity your whole family can add a LOT OF PRESSURE to your life. You want to create an experience everyone (even Aunt Martha) will thoroughly enjoy. You want to partner with a company that understands all the factors – the risks, the challenge of meeting individual needs, the importance of safety, and all the many details required to pull the day off without a hitch. We’ve taken all these into consideration and more. You won’t even find a shirtless guide on a Kokopelli Rafting trip because we would never want to make anyone feel uncomfortable and, frankly, it’s just not professional! It is our joy and our objective is to make this day one your family won’t ever forget!  

This unwavering commitment to YOUR SAFETY and YOUR SATISFACTION is why Kokopelli Rafting Adventures is consistently ranked #1 for family activities in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Taos and beyond. You’ll have an unforgettable experience everyone (organizers, kids, parents, and grandparents) will rave about for years to come!

We care about your safety:

  • Our guides are trained to exceed US river guide standards (We require 8 days of safety training vs. the 4 days required in New Mexico)
  • We regularly replace our equipment to ensure it exceeds safety standards
  • We require helmets for all participants 


We care about your satisfaction:

  • We offer the most flexible cancellation policy in New Mexico (because life happens)
  • We take care of logistics like transportation, departure times, and snacks and meals
  • Our guides set you up to feel comfortable and empowered because they carry themselves with the utmost professionalism


We care that your stated goals are met:

  • Create a family adventure that will both challenge, and delight
  • Enjoy learning about the folklore, geological wonders, and history behind the rapid names
  • Build lifelong memories, establish new traditions, and experience family bonding in a new and exciting way


Our goal is to make your family reunion trip down the river the best, safest, easiest, and most rewarding family activity you’ll find anywhere in New Mexico!

Let Kokopelli Rafting Adventures help you create the best family activity you’ve ever experienced!

  • Tell us, briefly, about your mission or the problem you're trying to solve, and how we can help you be the hero of this adventure!