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I love watching the Kokopelli crew hoot and holler in their rafts as one finely tuned effort through my camera lens and feel honored to be able to pass that passion

on to the public to hopefully inspire more people to connect to that spiritual and enlightening experience.

I think what I did to transform my personal passions with professional aspirations was try and bridge the gap between the joy I get from nature and sharing it with others through imagery and words. I chose to become a journalist because I think the power of the written word combined with stunning imagery can inspire and motivate. When I am spending time with my human and animal friends in nature all the ideas come for my next project so I try and connect people to that magical power of nature so that they, too can become their most powerful selves. I have done this by prodding friends to join me camping, kayaking, writing, and hiking every chance I get.

What is your favorite river story?

For many years my daily ritual with dogs, family, and friends was hiking the Mississippi riverfront in St. Paul, MN at Crosby State Park. I hiked in harmony with river’s edge ice flows in subzero temps, beavers building their dams, martens and bald eagles swooping the silvery waters for dinner, and of course summer flooding with tons of mosquitos, coyotes, and ravens. Bullfrog friends sang to me from the nearby lagoon while human family and friends drank homemade blackberry wine from mayonnaise jars and goofed on bike trips through the river’s edge woods. It is still my favorite river, no matter where I go! Ah, memories.

Favorite river story?

One morning on the banks of the Mississippi, I was walking while sending thoughts to a loved one in heaven and looked up to see a snowy owl perched about ten feet above my head just staring at me. We stood locked in a melty gaze for a very long time. Ethereal, majestic, unforgettable.

What are your other hobbies and interest?

My professional passion is showcasing love through photography and video at From behind the camera I have been witness to humankind’s greatest ability: to love. Humans loving nature, animals, family, and the extended family network of all people is something I never get tired of capturing through imagery and interviews. I get emotional just thinking about it!

I have hosted The Mirror – deeply affirming discovery and self-reflection centered writing workshops in Minnesota, Oregon, and California and am so looking forward to continuing this very gratifying tradition in Northern New Mexico.

What certifications or degree do you have?

I am a graduate of Columbia College, Chicago and though I earned my B.A. there, I also studied visual arts and communications at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Atelier School of Classical Realism, The Loft Literary Center, and The Berkeley Writing Salon. I have co-authored seven books for Entrepreneur Magazine’s Start Your Own Series.

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Ciree Linsenman


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