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Judah grew up among the dense forests and woodlands of Brooklyn NY. He first began whitewater training on the Gowanus Canal,

tackling class 4 and 5 wakes from cruise ships and outrunning the coast guard while attempting to board passing party boats in the East River. After numerous exploits and adventures across 41 states and 16 countries he arrived in Santa Fe where his truck died the moment he bit into his first green chile chimichanga. Turns out its easier getting in to New Mexico than getting out. He’s been here ever since.

Depending on your area of interest, Judah can spend the trip discussing the geology, geography, and history of Northern NM, the pros and cons of green chile vs red chile breakfast burritos, or teaching river shantys which will delight your friends for years to come. Strong silent type trips are also available. When he’s not on the river, Judah enjoys thinking about the river, talking about the river, dreaming about the river, raising heirloom beans, and fossil hunting.

What is your favorite river? 

My favorite river is definitely the Colorado! It’s hard to compete with the majesty and power of the mighty river of the West.

What is your favorite river story?

I was rafting down the Gauley River in West Virginia when our raft got wedged between a rock and a hard place just above one of the largest rapids on the river. Despite our guide’s best efforts to free us, the raft wouldn’t move. There were no other rafts around to help us get off the raft, and swimming out of the rapid was too risky. We waited there hoping another group of rafters would be coming down the river who could set safety for us and help us get out. Well, the wait was 30 minutes, and while we waited high on the rock with the whitewater raging all around us, two couples on board the raft proposed to their partners.

What are your other hobbies and interests?

When I’m not in a raft I love exploring the hidden corners of NM and other Western states, scoping out estate sales, growing beans and herbs, collecting fossils, and chasing road runners.

Judah in Action

Judah Horowitz


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