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Ever since I was a child, I always reconnected with myself and my joy through being outside. From camping trips to hiking in the Aspens with my family, the outdoors has been my home.

However, growing up, I have been slightly afraid of water. When I five years old, I was found at the bottom of a pool, thankfully saved just in time. I heard about Kokopelli just earlier this year and felt a strong urge to learn how to become a guide. I am a dancer, actor, performer and certified spiritual coach, and so I already have a love for people and reconnecting to our innate right for joy that is very easily accessed during rafting!
Also, I wanted to learn how I could become one with water, flow with the current while also knowing how to take command and control of my boat. This was a fantastic opportunity to get over my fear and take charge of my relationship with water. At first, it was frightening, however, after many hours and weeks of training, failing and getting myself uptime and time again, I now feel incredibly confident and excited to guide others down our beautiful rivers of New Mexico. It’s outstanding how far I’ve come. I am honored to be a part of this team. I absolutely love the river as she teaches me every day how to flow with the phenomenal current of life.

What is your favorite river and why?

I love the Rio Chama. I call her Mama Chama because of the welcoming quiet beauty that I feel as I guide down the river. The Chama water feels so refreshing on my skin, I love all the wildlife and sacred history that is apart the river, as well. I feel it’s a gorgeous getaway from the craziness of society that we all need once in a while. While I’m guiding down the river, it’s a lovely time to listen to the birds, my paddle dancing with the water, and the calmness of the surrounding land and river.

Favorite river-related story:

The first time I paddled on the lower Taos box was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. There were so many strange events that happened on that trip. Coming up against the hardest rapid, we found a stuck boat right in our entryway. The whole team worked together and hiked along the river, sending our boats down, without us in them. After this experience, my heart swelled with love for the unpredictable, exciting, and wonderful events that take place on the water. During that trip, I fell in love with the opportunity that the river has to teach me about my life. There is always a dance of letting go and taking control, taking charge and planning ahead while also surrendering to the present moment.

What are your other hobbies, interests, or passions an why are they important to you?

I have been a performing artist for over ten years. I have studied West African and Haitian Dance for fifteen years, which sparked my love for movement. In high school I began taking Modern, Jazz, and Ballet dance classes which further amplified my passion for dance. I am now a senior at the University of New Mexico getting my BA in Contemporary Dance. I have also been an actor and physical theater performer for many years. I am in a physical theater ensemble company in Santa Fe, New Mexico and continue to perform around New Mexico. I am also a certified spiritual coach through the Center for Sustainable Love. I have a passion for teaching others how to use movement, dance, sound, and expression to reconnect with their bodies, thus connecting to their love of life. Furthermore, I support others in healing past traumas through the lens of the sensational body. Nature inspires me every day as well. I absolutely love to hike with my dog Barkley. I love to listen to the sounds of the wilderness and be in the pleasure of the present moment.

Do you have any certifications, degrees, etc.?

I graduated from New Mexico School for the Arts with a theater degree and a creative writing minor. In 2022, I will have a BA in Contemporary Dance from the University of New Mexico.
Also, I am an ensemble member with Theatre Grottesco, a local company in Santa Fe New Mexico. I have specialized in improvisation and ensemble work, performing as an interactive artist at Meow Wolf Santa Fe and a dance and theatre teacher and director at Acequia Madre Summer Camp.
I am also a certified spiritual coach with the Center for Sustainable Love. Also, with the center, I just began a two-year apprenticeship, which at the end, will certify me as a mister of Soul Alchemy.
Furthermore, I have won several awards for my poetry including first place as New Mexico Young Writers Award for poetry.


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