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I’m a born and raised Santa Fean who has always had a love for anything outdoors, whether it be skiing in the winter or biking and rafting in the summer.

In high school I dedicated time to lobbying and drafting environmental protective bills for the state of New Mexico, and I hope to continue my work at Lafayette College. Spurred on by my friends and now coworkers, I’ve been guiding the Rio Grande and Chama since May for Kokopelli Rafting Adventures.

What is your favorite river?

My favorite river I’ve ever been on is the Snake River in Wyoming. Nothing beats the high water, winding route past the Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole resort.

What is your favorite river story?

I became hooked on guiding for Kokopelli after My brother convinced me to ride along on a trip down the Rio Grande Racecourse on a full moon night. The rush of excitement I got from paddling the rapids made me make up my mind right then and there – I wanted to guide whitewater.

What are your other hobbies and interests?

When I’m not guiding I’m skiing and watching ski movies, biking and hiking in the hills around Santa Fe, reading about ancient history, and playing bass guitar. I always am looking for ways to get outside and express myself both artistically and physically.

What certifications do you have? 

I have a wilderness first aid certification, an adult/child/infant CPR, AED, and airway management certification, and epinephrine auto-injector certification. I have a high school diploma and I completed a NOLS semester in the Rockies.

Oliver in Action

Oliver Lehman


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