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Best adventure of the summer!
“We loved our time in Santa Fe rafting on the Racecourse with Kokopelli! We saw a warning about the water level (highest in 15 years!) on our way to the meet-up place, and I was a little nervous. I didn’t need to be worried – it was the best rafting trip I’ve ever had. The guides were professional and got us all prepped and ready. Miles was the guide for our boat and he did a great job at getting our crew to work together and helping us learn the lingo and practicing what to do in every situation that could arise (high-side, get down, where to swim if needed…). I felt safe the whole time and would do it again in a second! A huge shout out to Miles for keeping us all upright and in the boat and for encouraging us through the whole adventure.”


Miles was the best trainer we could ask for!
Kokopelli is the crew to choose and Miles was the best trainer and guide we could ask for!  We had three adults and three teens together from out of state who wanted to raft, and we could not have chosen better for this adventure. Miles was relaxed but energetic; he patiently taught and practiced with us, encouraging us to work well together.  That was important, because the RaceCourse wasn’t tolerating slackers today! There were several rapids with short breaks (read: not dull or too long, just small relaxing stretches used for prep for the next rapids). 

There were at least four really exciting periods, including Albert’s Falls (a class 3 with two solid hits), Big Rock (amazing drop!) and the Narrows (longer stretch with good technique needed), where coordination and following directions really matters and Souse Hole (a big rapid with a high “wow!” factor!). Miles kept us having fun and our boat stayed upright, albeit pretty full at times, and we had the time of our lives. Aside from being a great guide, Miles is a great conversationalist, and the whole Kokopelli team seems really in sync with each other and gracious to guests. We will tell our friends, and we will be back!


SOO much fun!!!
“We did the half-day Rio Grande Racecourse whitewater rafting run and it was a blast! Miles was an awesome guide, who kept us safe and motivated throughout the morning. Definitely recommend.”


1/2 Day Rio Grande Float!
We immensely enjoyed our Rio Grande float with Miles. We met him at the Rio Grande Visitors Center, approximately 1 hr 15 min from our home base in Santa Fe. Kokopelli was punctual, professional, and very safety oriented. As this was our first rapid experience with our 7 and 10 year old children, the float was a good introduction. It was calm, peaceful with a very quick area of gentle rapids. Miles had a lot of rafting, fishing, climbing and geological knowledge, so he was great to hang out with. Would highly recommend!!!”


I am an avid outdoorsman in every sense of the word. I became a guide because I decided that life was too short to work a job that didn't coincide with my passion.

I’m Miles, I am an avid outdoorsman in every sense of the word. I dabble in many different pursuits, but I consider myself a climber first and foremost. Along with climbing, some of my personal favorite outdoor activities are whitewater paddling, skiing and fly fishing. I have made northern New Mexico my home because it allows me to access all of the things I love to do within minutes of my front door.

My love for the outdoors started when I was very young. My parents were both very outdoorsy and they included me in all of their outdoor adventures. My mom was into the adventure sports, and as a teacher she had all summer off. We would spend the summers visiting national parks and exploring all that the american west had to offer. She introduced me to mountain biking, climbing, canyoneering, skiing, whitewater paddling, backpacking, and that’s just to name a few. My dad was the sportsman, I grew up hunting and fishing with him every chance we got. It was my dad that really built my connection to the land here in New Mexico and to northern New Mexico in particular.

I became a guide because I decided that life was too short to work a job that didn’t coincide with my passion. I lived in Moab, Utah for three years and in that time I guided canyoneering. Guiding has offered me a wonderful opportunity to do what I love and get paid for it. Better yet it has given me the opportunity to show hundreds (if not thousands) of people these beautiful places that I have fallen in love with, and help them fall in love with them too. One of the most amazing things about the American west is all of the public land that we have available. I like guiding because it helps me show people the value of this land and how rewarding getting into the outdoors can be. I am able to teach and promote good practices and stewardship of these precious natural places so that we have them for generations to come. I have been so glad to return home and to work for Kokopelli and continue to grow as a professional and show people the fun that can be had out here on the river.

Kokopelli Guide: since 2019
Favorite River and Why: My favorite river is by far and away the mighty Colorado. It is a quintessential river in the American west, it is the one that stories and legends are written about. Sections like the Grand or Cataract Canyon, are easily considered world class whitewater. The Colorado has carried many an intrepid adventurer on its back from larger than life legends such as Major John Wesley Powell, to more humble paddlers like yours truly. The Colorado has been a part or a backdrop to many adventures it will always have a special place in my heart.
What I like most about rafting is: What I like most about guiding other than just being outdoors doing what I love is the connection that I am able to build with my guests. Or more to the point the connection that I am able to foster between them and these beautiful places we go into together. It is so fun and so rewarding to see guest’s faces light up as they overcome challenges, conquer fears, or simply live in the moment. Getting into the outdoors can do wonderful things for anyone, I know that first hand and it’s wonderful to see others discover or rediscover that. The great naturalist John Muir said it best “Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.”
Certifications: CPR, Wilderness First Aid
Hobbies: Most of my other interests involve the outdoors, and I’ve already mentioned a few. The common thread between all of my interests is that they happen outdoors. They get your blood flowing, force you to focus on the moment you are experiencing, some are scary and some are tranquil, some physically challenging and some not. All of them make you feel alive.

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