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Half-day Racecourse!!
“Our family had the best time during our experience. Mirek and Agnus were fantastic guides. Felt safe yet experienced the thrill of the highest water in 15 years. I would do this all day everyday! Nice job! I highly recommend this.”


Half-day Racecourse – Such a great experience!!
“We did the AM Rio Grande Racecourse white water rafting trip in late May. We booked about a month ahead of time. As a first-timer, here was my experience. We stayed at the Hilton Buffalo Thunder Casino near Santa Fe, it was a 40-minute drive to the pickup point. We met our guide at 10 AM, signed a few forms, and we were on our way north alongside the Rio Grande. Our guide was Merik. He was very personable and did an awesome job all the way though, doing the obvious (guiding us down the river, steering, not dumping anyone from the boat) but he also provided a lot of interesting commentaries – Albert Einstein references, shotgun shells with gold flakes, etc. He was great! We were on the river for 2-3 hours in total, it was beautiful scenery but, of course, the highlights were the Class 2 & 3 rapids on the river. So much fun, it was incredible. Thankfully, wet gear was provided…kind of like rain gear. We still got completely soaked, but it could have been so much worse. My advice is to heed the attire recommendations that Kokopelli provides ahead of time. An incredible experience. Can’t wait to go again.


Hi! I'm Mirek! I've been rafting and kayaking with my family since 2006. I was 6 then, and river sports have been in my blood ever since.

I applied to Kokopelli’s guide school when I was 15. For legal reasons, I had to wait until I turned 18. By then, I’d rafted and kayaked most class III-IV rivers in New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Oregon and some in California. In 2018, I applied for Kokopelli’s 8-day guide school and have had an amazing time sharing my love for rivers with the awesome people in my boat!

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