Guide School - Self Assessment

This form is used as a self-assessment tool to allow for self-reflection, personal growth, and overcoming challenges.
  • Thinking about the whole day, the "rose" is the blossom or big picture. What did you enjoy MOST about this day? It's more than a skill or technique, it's not an "ah-ha!" moment or a specific activity. The Rose something much bigger and is usually a feeling or emotion.
  • The "thorn" is the problem we need to address. If we can identify the thorn each day, and work to remove it the next day, the learning curve becomes exponential. Dig deep. With the help of your instructor, you should have identified a skill or technique that is keeping you from progressing to the next level. It's not uncommon for the student to think "I need to work on ferrying!" Digging deeper! The instructor may suggest working on Draws or Prys, to maintain the angle of the raft during a ferry. But a good instructor with a skilled eye will spot the thorn, perhaps poor torso rotation which results in an ineffective pry or draw, which affects the angle of the raft, which affects the ferry. Dig deep, find your thorn, work on it diligently the next day, and breakthrough to the next level!
  • The "Bud" is an opportunity for growth. What opportunities need nurturing for growth? What do you look forward to trying again tomorrow? We are talking specifically about a skill or a concept; not "run more rapids". The Bud is usually a concept that suddenly made sense and something you want to explore. It could be an "ah-ha!" moment, or something you did that felt very natural, very easy, maybe even effortless, and you want to better understand it. Buds are almost always fun. It's often something you did right, thus it felt good, and because it felt good, you'd like to do it again and again, thereby solidifying a new skill. The bud is a skill we want to nurture and develop.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.