Team Building

We celebrated our team’s success with Kokopelli!

Sheila M

"I am the product manager for ScanJets at HP - I wanted to take my top performers and a fun trip to celebrate their success - We chose to go with Kokopelli Rafting and we had a BLAST. The guides were very skilled - even in the low water - and it was still a LOT of fun - near the very end they turned the rafts around and we were 'surfing' back up the rapids - that was a new one for me! I asked them to provide a lunch for us as well - and it was delicious - I would highly recommend them - in fact - hoping to come back and do the full day trip with the bigger rapids next year. "

Organized a very large group tour efficiently. All participants were fully satisfied.

Sergei N

"I organized a big conference in Santa Fe this past August. We offered a choice of excursions to the participants. The Kokopelli rafting tour on the Rio Grande was the most sought after choice. Kelly found a way of expanding the number of participants when it became clear that the 50 we had expected was not enough. Excellent service. All the participants enjoyed the tour very very much."

Perfect Corporate Getaway!

Moriah M.

Seriously Amazing
Wow! If you are looking to have a great time in Santa Fe, this is the place! This was our first time ever to white water raft and it was even better than I expected! My husband and I were in Santa Fe for a corporate retreat incentive trip paid for by my company - Matilda Jane Clothing! A total of 8 of us from Matilda Jane went river rafting Kokopelli Rafting Adventures, based in Santa Fe. Miles was our guide and he did an amazing job educating us on safety and making sure we knew what to do and when. He was very knowledgeable about the waters and made sure we had a great time! If we come back to Santa Fe we will 100% be booking another Racecourse trip with Kokopelli rafting!

Perfect Corporate Getaway!

C. Alderman

Executive retreat in Santa Fe
"Our company executives were in Santa Fe for a working/fun week. We had 15 people that wanted to go White Water Rafting on the Rio Grande and we arranged with Kokopelli to do the Rio Grande Racecourse 1/2 Day trip. A few of us have done a lot of white water rafting, but most of the group were newbies. Our guides (Billy, Armaan, David & Isaac) did a very professional job throughout the trip. Their attention to safety and proper equipment made everyone feel comfortable. Beautiful day on the river and the guides were very informative and fun to be with. Would highly recommend Kokopelli to anyone or any group considering a rafting trip!



Corporate executive retreat in Santa Fe “Our company has booked four trips with Kokopelli since 2016, with 20-30 people each trip. We’ve done an executive retreat on the Rio Chama, Team building on the Taos Box, Team building on the Lower Gorge full-day and leisure trips on the Racecourse our ‘plus one’. The entire Kokopelli staff are very knowledgeable, professional, and easy-going. I highly recommend using Kokopelli!”

Team Building on the River

Increases Collaboration, Improves Communication & Encourages Creativity

Discover why Kokopelli Rafting Adventures is Consistently Rated

Santa Fe’s #1 Outdoor Activity on TripAdvisor

A day riding the rapids is nothing short of exhilarating! The sun, the splash, the endorphins, the  laughter, the fresh mountain air and surrounding beauty, will all add up to an experience your group will never forget. The high-fives, big grins, the thrill of success on a wild river, and the feeling of ‘WE made it!’ are all signs of an unforgettable day of team building with Kokopelli Rafting Adventures. We know the secret to making this happen. We do it every day!

You want to look back at the end of a successful day of team building and think “Wow! That worked out really well!” But getting to that proud moment can be challenging.

  • Organizing group activities for a lot of people is not easy, and numbers often change
  • Logistics of travel and anticipating supplies require extra planning


  • Finding a trusted team-building company in Santa Fe, Albuquerque or Taos to help you meet your team’s goals, might seem daunting as well.


(Insider Tip: Not all rafting companies are created equally, and price can be a misleading comparison. KEEP READING to learn more!)

When you invest in team building activities, you want the peace of mind knowing everyone is going to be SAFE, have FUN, and be in the company of competent river rafting PROFESSIONALS!

How can you know that the company you select is equipped to handle your group (no matter the size), without sacrificing quality or exposing you to greater liability?

Here are some things you should consider before selecting a rafting company.

You should expect…

  • State-of-the-art equipment to ensure safety; old faded life jackets speak volumes about the company’s approach to raft and vehicle maintenance.
  • Durable whitewater helmets for everyone on whitewater; “high water” or “low water” is no excuse to skimp on safety equipment.
  • Guides that are knowledgeable, trained to the highest standards, and equipped to handle lots of people, with various needs.
  • Flexibility to customize your trip to meet your team building needs.
  • A flexible cancellation policy. We understand life happens, that’s why we provide you with a transparent, easy to understand, no fine print, reasonable cancellation policy. We also won’t lock you into a contract months in advance, or prohibit you from making substitutions on your trip.

At Kokopelli Rafting Adventures, we work hard to to make sure your group enjoys a day building camaraderie while rafting together. Our goal is to make your team building trip the best, safest, easiest, and most rewarding activity you’ll find in New Mexico!


The Product Manager for HP’s ScanJet team wanted a way to reward the sales team for meeting sales production goals. The manager chose a Private (closed to the public) half-day whitewater rafting trip with Kokopelli Rafting Adventures because of their impeccable safety record and drug-screened guides. Kokopelli helped arrange round-trip charter bus transportation from HP’s Rio Rancho Headquarters and included an upgraded VIP meal plan for 78 participants. Of the other rewards offered employees, Rafting was the most popular, accommodating a wide range of experience, guaranteed fun for all, and the best value per person.
Pioneer Natural Resource
Pioneer Natural Resources (PDX) wanted a team building activity that would entertain team members and spouses from different geographic locations that don’t often meet face-to-face. The Senior Lang Manager chose a Private (closed to the public) full-day rafting trip on the Taos Box with upgraded VIP meal plan. The private trip allowed the team to spend more quality time together on and off the river throughout the day, while the upgraded VIP meal plan satisfied everyone’s tastebuds and appetite. Rafting with Kokopelli has become an annual event for this PDX team since 2015.
Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices
Nysha L., a real estate agent for Berkshire Hathaway, needed a fun, engaging way to say “Thank you!” to her recent homebuyers. She had tried monthly barbeques and even rented city parks and hired local entertainment, but the turnout was unpredictable and often didn’t justify the expense of hiring the entertainment. Nysha chose a Private (closed to the public) half-day rafting trip with a core group of committed adventure-seekers, with upgraded meal plan and round-trip transportation from Santa Fe. As the date got closer, and her numbers grew, she was able to increase the total number of participants. The variable cost structure was an advantage over fixed cost while the private half-day rafting trip gave her the high “Wow!” factor she was looking for to show appreciation to her clients.
When looking for an unforgettable team building activity for your group in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, or Taos look no further than Kokopelli Rafting Adventures.

When you invest in something as important as your business, your team, or your employees, you want an experience that is unique, not a cookie-cutter rafting trip with boatloads of other people. You want focused results and a high return on investment. You want to see your people smiling, connecting, laughing, working together, celebrating, learning, even leading, enjoying themselves, feeling successful, and making memories that will come up in the break room for years to come!

Scientific research supports that when we feel good, hormones such as endorphins, adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin among others are flowing through our bodies. The results are that we’re happy, we’re connected, we’re having fun, and we know we’re alive!

Our guests consistently relate how their shared experience with their teammates on the river was exhilarating, fun, and will bring back positive memories for years to come.

Kokopelli Rafting Adventures unique approach to leading groups down the river makes these amazing results seem easy, and even predictable.

Here’s what we do to ensure your team building activity is the best, safest, and most satisfying river adventure ever!

  • We only use Type 5 “high-flotation” life-jackets with 25 lbs of flotation. The whitewater industry standard is Type 3 with 16 lbs of flotation. We replace our life jackets every 3 years to maintain the highest quality.
  • We’ve been industry leaders on river rafting safety for decades. Kokopelli was the first rafting company to require helmets on class III whitewater in New Mexico back in 1996, and has been setting trends ever since. To this day, there’s only a handful of companies who offer helmets. At Kokopelli, providing helmets on whitewater for your corporate or executive team building adventure is simply the right thing to do.
  • In the past, Kokopelli Rafting has also operated in Colorado, which has the highest river guide standards in the country. We’ve always trained our guides to meet these higher standards. Our rookie training is 80+ hours over a period of 8 days.
  • As a result of our company’s higher standards, we consistently attract (and retain) only the best river professionals who’ve worked hard to be a part of our team, refined their rafting and leadership skills, and value our approach to safety, and relentless commitment to excellence.
  • We offer you a choice of two cancellation policies so you can choose the best, most flexible, and customer-friendly terms that work best for your group or team.

We are consistently #1 because we customize our team bonding activities to YOU, and your team’s experience! We want your team to have the best day on the river. You get to enjoy the camaraderie and leave the details to us.

When you decide to invest in your people through team building activities, you want to make sure everything runs smoothly, you accomplish your goals, and everyone has a great time! You want to partner with a company that understands all the factors – the risk, the changing numbers, the importance of safety, and all the many many details.  We’ll make this a day your team won’t forget!

That’s why Kokopelli Rafting Adventures is consistently ranked #1 with teams and corporate work groups in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Taos and beyond, for an unforgettable team building experience.

We care about your safety:

  • Our guides are trained to exceed US river guide standards (We require 8 days of safety training vs. the 4 days required in New Mexico)
  • We regularly replace our equipment to ensure it exceeds safety standards
  • We require helmets for all participants

We care about your satisfaction:

  • We offer the most flexible cancellation policy in New Mexico (because life happens)
  • We take care of logistics like transportation, departure times, and snacks and meals
  • Our guides set you up to feel comfortable and empowered, because they carry themselves with the utmost professionalism

We care that your stated goals are met:

  • Build your team up with an unforgettable shared experience that will both challenge and encourage
  • Your team will enjoy learning about the folklore, geological wonders, and history behind the rapid names
  • Knowing an investment in your team will build loyalty, trust, and better communication in the long run

Give your team a day they’ll never forget! Spend a day with Kokopelli Rafting Adventures.

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